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Some of the world’s largest companies and savviest investors are investing in renewable energy projects.

2013 – Verizon Communications announces plans to invest $100 million in solar and fuel cell power plants.

2013 – Google has invested nearly $1.0 Billion in renewable energy projects to date(2).

2013 – General Electric has invested over $1.4 Billion in renewable energy projects to date(3).

2013 – Apple completed a 20 MW solar power plant (largest privately owned solar plant in U.S.), increased its renewable energy usage to 75% (up from 35% in 2010), targets 100% renewable power use and is currently building second 20 MW power plant in neighboring land.

2013 – IKEA announces plans to double its investment in renewable energy to $4 billion by 2020 in an effort to run 100% of its stores on renewable power.

2013 – Wal-Mart announced its goal of being run on 100% renewable energy.

2012 – Warren Buffet’s MidAmerican Energy, purchased 579-megawatt solar power plant for over $2 billion. According to Warren Buffet, his Mid America Energy subsidiary accounts for 6% of the country’s wind generation capacity and will soon account for 14% of U.S. solar generation capacity.